Game controller
Game controller

Revolutionized Hi-Tech Coin With A Vision Dedicated To Creating A Change In The Cryptocurrency Industry

SpaceX Inu is the first technological token with utility which encapsulates multi-chain with Web 2 & Web 3 incorporations (SpaceFi) and its Game-Fi innovations (Play To Earn high end quality games).

Gaming Teaser

Utility Focused

First NFT, Metaverse & Gaming Token.

The aim of SPACEXINU is to bring real world utility to tokens.



Solving Interoperability problems between blockchain networks, Users can seamlessly purchase crypto using any of the following blockchain networks including Ethereum , Fantom, Avalanche, Luna, Polygon , Near Protocol and other Top L1 blockchains.

SpaceFi App

SpaceFi application is an Hi-Tech product, easy-to-use that epitomizes multiple real-utility which includes a well-rounded chat application that combines and redefines Top popular social media applications, NFT Marketplace, Jobs Marketplace, Yield Farming, Staking, Launchpad, Audit & KYC, Casino with inbuilt Web 2 & Web 3 functions.

Play To Earn Games

The Metaspace is a Play To Earn high end graphics game that allow players to fight in space with swords, guns and a guide dog. Each Metaspace Players are given the task to Defeat The Dark Lord (Zillus) and fight themselves (Multiplayers) incorporated with unique and interesting storylines & Maps.

Special Attraction

These are our Special Attractions

Green Planet

Marketing Campaigns & Product Developments

Synchro Marketing, Global campaigns to reach and engage wider audiences coupled with regular product upgrades to suite Technology Advancements.

Red Planet

Staking and Yield Farming Incentives up to 500% APY

Rewards to our hodlers who stake their NFTs, SpaceX Inu tokens and higher APY rewards to those who Create Liquidity pairs and Add Liquidity (Yield farming) via the SpaceFi app

Brown Planet

Backed by Top Influential Companies and Partners

20% allocated to Ecosystem incentives contiguous with growing Partners and Highly Influential Capitals leading to incredible growth!

Ring Planet

Audited & KYC'ed

Contract is Verified on BscScan and all Profiles up-to-date coupled with Doxxed Team. Team is Public and can be found on the Whitepaper.


What makes us special

Antiwhale & Antidump

Limits have been set to 1 wallet which cant hold hazardous supply because tokens are Vested therefore providing guaranteed safety to our holders!

Envisioned Sponsorships & Developments

SpaceX Inu intends to use profits made from SpaceFi app for Marketing, developments, and providing more attractive Incentives for Yield farming , Staking and being a Sponsor for Football and Super Bowl clubs.

Professional Team and Developers

Team comprises of experienced crypto geeks who have been in the crypto space for years and have achieved success in their crypto endeavors in addition to the Developers who are proficient , skillful and have created landmarks in the Industry.

Fastest growing ecosystem

SpaceX Inu unmatched portfolio and product suites is the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, spanning DeFi, NFTs, Jobs Marketplace , Web3 , Web 4 and more.

Space Map

Space Map

Phase 1

  • Website Launch
  • Strong Marketing Campaigns
  • Partnerships and IDOs
  • Presale
  • List On Coinmarketcap and Coingecko
  • Reach 5000 holders
  • Token launch on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Chain

Phase 2

  • Decentralized Exchanges listings (Pancakeswap & Uniswap)
  • Targeted Marketcap (MC) of at least ($10M)
  • Play To Earn Official Gaming Testnet
  • Ambassador & Influencers push
  • Dapps Launch and NFTs Integration

Phase 3

  • Targeted Marketcap (MC) of at least ($50M)
  • Core Exchanges Listings (Whitebit, Hotbit, Upbit, Kucoin,, Bybit)
  • Grants Announcement
  • SpaceFi -> Space Check Launch ( Professional Audit & KYC Company)
  • AMA with core Team of Centralized Exchanges

Phase 4

  • Targeted Marketcap (MC) of at least ($120M)
  • Hackathons with prizes
  • Grants Announcement
  • Launch of SpaceX Inu Exchange and Hi-Tech Swap
  • Major Partnerships with Chain-Link, Mana, Sandbox & Coti for our SpaceVerse (Metaverse) plans.

Phase 5

  • Targeted Marketcap (MC) of at least ($500M)
  • XINU Auctions
  • Grants Announcement
  • SpaceX Inu Festival
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How To Buy SpaceX Inu

We want to ensure that everyone seamlessly knows how to purchase SpaceX Inu token!


Get Trust Wallet

Download Trust Wallet from the Google Play/App Store then open the app and finish the wallet creation setup . Don't forget to copy your recovery phrases in a safe place.


Send BNB to Trust Wallet

Send BNB from an exchange like Binance or deposit your BNB directly with credit card in Trust Wallet.


Go to PancakeSwap

Press the DApps button in Trust Wallet and find PancakeSwap ( there.


Swap your BNB for XINU

Set your slippage to 10% and paste our contract address here 0xc69fc0c371ff884fc41afeaa04ab99cd55333ef2 and swap your BNB , USDT or other tokens for XINU

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